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New collaboration: SLØR Visual Performance X Liv Vester Larsen//Creative - Without Nature?

A day in the spring of 2020 i visited the musician Liv Vester Larsen in her garden, on a safe distance - as the global situation demanded at that time, and had a conversation. We were supposed to talk about living in that part of town, but ended up talking about everything from her discovery of the sound of the magnetic field that surrounds the human body, the experience of tinitus being a unknown founding tone for her compositions and talking about how people cope with plans and ways of living being dissolved into the unknown by a new pandemic reality. She told me about her project 'Creative - Without Nature?' - the research of artists relationship with nature or the lack of nature in their creation proces, and the ideas and inspiration started sprouting like eatable weeds in early spring. So from this little local network in Odense of artists knowing distantly of each others existence, a new collaboration grew from common understanding - the collaboration was born.

Back in my atelier, the proces started by walking the short way from the city center to the near by park. Searching for plants with different features and stages in their cycle of life - and brought them into my darkness and into the light.

Usually when I start a new collaboration with musicians, i listen through their audible catalogue of their most recent works while testing objects. Doing this to get an overall feel of their mood and lyric universe. When testing these natural objects I listened to Liv's podcast by the same name as the project. Animating objects to the sound of musicians talking about their relationship with nature, created a warm and present space and gave a new role for the visual art to fill out.

I found that the isolation of natural objects that are naturally surrounded by similar objects, can become artificially looking when they are singled out. When testing different movements with the objects I found that there was an interesting contrast between the natural objects and mechanical movements - giving nature an unfamiliar behavior.

After testing natural objects 1:1 in an artificial environment, i aimed my focus on the way humans try to mimic nature and looked for objects that directly mimicked nature or that could be mistaken for nature when processed by my artistic methods.

After an online dialogue I met up with Liv once again in her garden and dove into the project, now with these tests as a more elaborate starting point for the collaboration. After this conversation, once again filled with joy and inspiration, I received small pieces of sound from Liv and put together some audiovisual teasers for the project.

Here is an outtake from Liv's podcast about northern lights

In the end of October 2020 this collaboration will join in a residency at Vester Thorup Højskole in northern Jutland and after a weeks work there will ba a public showing of the work in progress. Later in spring 2021 a live performance with several musicians, Liv and SLØR will be put together and premiered in the end of june.

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