With her voice being her main instrument, My Lambertsen uses it both in songwriting and as an instrument. She composes music inspired by Musik Konkrete, by using field recordings as a basis for her compositions - combined with her vocal. By looping, layering, applying effects and manipulating digitally, she creates a space around the rawness, fragility and presence of her voice.

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In the three-part experience design, the audiovisual design were based on the dance choreography and a list of artifacts were chosen on the basis of the theme: Being alike or being unique. Copying or not copying.  

The music were created from field recordings from the space where the performance were rehearsed - tactile sounds such as: the friction from skin against skin, bare feet moving on dance vinyl, bone crackles from joints bending and so on. Other real sounds from the artifacts such as bubbles from sparkling water, inhaling when smoking cigarettes, chewing bubblegum and the roars of the digestion when doing so, where recorded and manipulated. Following these sounds and artifacts, were a visual real-time projection of the objects on the stage floor. Using a webcam, the objects were interacted with and emphasized unto the dancers on stage. 

The assignment or wish from Ida Frost - were to make the visual expression as much 1:1 as possible. Not emotional layers added. With this as a starting point for the creative process, it became a method of a three-layered one-sidedness. 

Idea, script and choreography-curating: Ida Frost

Dancers: Ida Frost and Annika Kompart



When writing songs and singing them the lyrics are filled with imagery and visual thinking. The themes are interrelations, loss, patterns and repetitions in life and battles to fight



Vocalist and lyrics

In this co-writing experiment with electronic composer Øyvind Rogstad, we created the son 'DØS'



Earlier songwriting experiments with using the voice as an instrument, keys and real sounds.